Roller Derby Info Night

Royal City Roller Girls, Guelph’s roller derby league, is looking for new skaters!

Interested? We’d love to talk to you! Come to Exhibition Arena on Tuesday, August 29th from 6:30 to 8 and we will answer ALL your questions. You can:

– Find out about roller derby and RCRG
– Learn about our 11-week Intro to Derby (“Fresh Meat”) program, which starts this fall and is open to anyone 18 or over who wants to play and/or referee
– Discuss all things derby with current league members
– Try on, chat about, and/or purchase gear from Neon Skates

This year, our rookie team placed FIRST in the annual Fresh and the Furious tournament – next year, that could be you!

Already know derby is for you? Come register for the Fall 2017 program – paying the $105 program fee secures your spot!

Questions? Contact Skylar:

Cover photo by Neil Gunner

2017 Away Game Schedule

We’ve got a busy 2017 away season planned, and you are invited!

Ticketing and information about times/venues are available from the host league’s website.


March 25th, 2017 -Brute-Leggers and Rum Rollers away @ Grand Ragiddy Roller Derby (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

April 1st -Rum Rollers and KQ away @ Renegade Derby Dames (Alliston)

April 22nd -Brute-Leggers and Rum Rollers away @ Chicago Outfit

April 29th -Our Ladies of Pain away @ Norfolk Roller Derby

May 6th -KQ/VU away @ Wellington Roller Derby for Winter Wipeout

May 22nd -Brute-Leggers away @ Queen City Roller Derby (Buffalo)

June 3rd -Rum Rollers and VU away @ Kingston Derby Girls

June 9th-11th -BL away @ Tri-City Roller Derby for Beaver Fever

July 9th -Rum Rollers away @ Ann Arbor Derby Dimes

July 15th -Brute-Leggers and Rum Rollers away @ Ithaca League of Women Rollers

Junior Derby is coming to Guelph!


Are you between 9-17 years old and looking to play derby?
We’re happy to say that Guelph is going to be home to the newest chapter of Tri-City Junior Roller Derby.

Unsure? Have questions? Lilith No Fair will be hosting an info session November 29th @7 at Ten Carden.

See you there!


Congrats to Royal City Brute Leggers!

RCRG’s Brute Leggers had a WICKED EXCITING weekend. Here’s why:

As RCRG’s WFTDA charter team, the Brute Leggers, rolled into Tri-City Roller Derby‘s ‪#‎BeaverFever2016‬ tournament last weekend ready to do battle with three higher ranked American teams.

The Brutes played three games and came away victorious with wins over Roc City Roller Derby, from Rochester, New York, Green Mountain Roller Derby, from Essex Junction, Vermont and Burning River Roller Derby, from Cleveland, Ohio.

These are the highest ranked teams that Royal City has defeated to date and they did so with their ‪#‎StrongSmartTogether‬approach. Team captain, Allie Artuso, was selected as the MVP blocker of the tournament out of all of the blockers from the eight teams participating.

Highest of fives to our Brutes. We’re so proud of you!

‪#‎BruteSquad‬ ‪#‎WelcomeToTheRoyalFamily‬

Photos by Sean Murphy.


If you missed our home opener because it SOLD OUT, you might be feeling sad right now because you missed two action packed games full of amazing derby talent.

Fortunately, the games were also full of amazing photographer talent, so you can check out some game highlights on the sites linked below!

To make sure you get a spot at the June 4th game, get your tickets now:

Final scores from the games:

-VU beat their sister RCRG home team Killer Queens 159 to 136

-RCRG’s freshest skaters Our Ladies of Pain won against Tri City Roller Derby’s Total Knock Outs 166 to 157

And now, the photos!

Neil Gunner – OLOP/TKOS KQ/VU 

TO Derby/George Pelekis –OLOP/TKOSKQ/VU

Luis Q Photography – KQ/VUOLOP/TKOS

Rukhsar Jaffer –!roller-derby-2016-season-opener/kzut4

Shari Lovell –

Gar Fitzgerald – OLOP/TKOs , KQ/VU

Skater Interview: Dee-Stroyer

Dee-StroyerHaving just passed her minimum skill requirements, Dee-Stroyer (#31) now skates with Our Ladies of Pain. She is super stoked for her first season with RCRG. See her on the track May 7th at Exhibition Arena.

What got me into derby:

In my childhood, I spent Saturday mornings at a nearby roller rink and I loved to skate. After some encouragement from some veteran RCRG skaters, I decided to finally take the plunge and sign up for fresh meat.

What keeps me involved:

Derby has made me both physically and mentally stronger. I love having goals, challenging myself and being able to share that with my team.

What excites me about OLOP’s first bout?

Everything!! Everyone in OLOP has been working so hard and has been improving so much, I can’t wait for us to get our chance to show off our progress!

Favourite memory:

So far, that has to be the day I passed minimums. Not just because I passed, but because of the support shown between skaters. Everyone was cheering each other on, encouraging everyone to do their best, and celebrating everyone’s successes – it was amazing.

What do I do when I’m not skating?

I’m a runner and I love a good pint!

Skater Interview: Ruth Skater Ginsburg

After strong season with OLOP, Ruth Skater Ginsburg (#87) is entering her second year of skating with RCRG as a member of Violet Uprising. Off the track, she is a practicing lawyer in Guelph. See RSG both on the bout poster (facing off against KQ’s Femka Fatale) and on the track May 7th at Exhibition Arena!

What got you into derby? 

It was 2 years ago, I had just moved to Guelph and was looking for a way to get some exercise and make friends. I looked into other intramural sports, but you can’t land a good body check playing indoor soccer. I went to a game, signed up for fresh meat the same night, and haven’t looked back!

What keeps you involved?

One, the challenge. I learn something new, or surprise myself with what I’m able to do, every time I hit the track. Two, the people. Derby folks are the best folks.

What excites you about our facing off against Violet Uprising/Killer Queens?

We practice with each other all the time, so we know each others’ strengths and weaknesses. It’s going to be a blast!
Favourite RCRG memory? 

The first time I did 25 in 5… minus the fact that I flung my arm back and hit Feral Dixon in the face. Knocked her glasses off. I still feel pretty bad about that.
What do you do when you’re not skating?

I’m a civil litigation lawyer. It’s almost as fun as derby, but not quite.

Photo credit: Brendan Adam-Zwelling


This season Royal City Roller Girls and Tri City Roller Derby wanted to celebrate their home teams in a way that we couldn’t do on our own. We combined powers and made a home team season and championship. Instead of two lonely home teams per league, we’re hoping to make a splash with FOUR teams: RCRG’s Killer Queens and Violet Uprising, and TCRD’s Vicious Dishes and Venus Fly Tramps, all playing each other for one top spot.

We may comes from different origins, but this season, our home teams are from the same kick-ass league of power-houses that are going to wow fans with fierce competition and a hunger to compete, ending with an exciting championship final.

Derby fans can follow the season as each league’s home team plays the three other teams, and the season will close with a semi-final and championship on October 22nd.

May 20th Concert featuring the Nasties

GUELPH!! Come out and Party with the Royal City Roller Girls and The Nasties, MAY 20th at the Red Chevron.

Party with us on Friday night to get your long weekend started off right!

The Red Chevron is going to be rocking punk and hard rock, plus derby girls from the Royal City Roller Girls’ A and B teams the Brute-Leggers and the Rum Rollers.

This event supports the teams’ need for cash to get them to high level tournaments – this year it’s Colorado.

Need a break from the music? This is a licensed event, snacks available, and skill-testing games to be had. Don’t miss out!!!!

Bands for the night:
The Nasties
Death by Decibel
Peace Corpse

$10 at the door

You can view the Facebook event page here.

Coming soon!